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"Some Very Useful Information for Our Terms & Conditions Below"

How much does the band Charge?


Each event is unique in terms of it’s requirements (location, performance times, band line up etc). The easiest thing to do is visit our contact page OR email us at with the below information for a quick and easy quote.

  • Event's date.

  • Event's location.

  • Preferred lineup, DJ Services, Reception Duo set 

  • Arrival, starting and  finishing timings for the band

  • How many sets you'd like the band to perform 

How do I know you’ll keep the dance floor full?

For us, it's all about having a good time, filling up the dance floor from the first chord to the last. We ensure each performance is a fun-filled and unforgettable experience for all involved, be it your wedding, a private party/function or corporative event.

This is understandably the most important question for every client, who wants to guarantee an evening of great entertainment. Always feel free to check our testimonials page to see feedback from our happy clients.


How long does the band play for?


We normally play 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minute sets. However we are very flexible and happy to discuss other options to suit your event.


request a song for your first dance or

pick songs that are NOT on your repertoire list?


Absolutely! We do kindly ask that you give us sufficient notice if you would like us to do this (at least one month). Our repertoire list is also always expanding so feel free to add a few additional songs that are not on our list and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.



What happens between the band performances / do we need to hire a DJ as well as the band?


We can provide background or disco music before, in between sets and after the band has finished from a playlist via our laptop that is connected directly to the sound system. This option is included in the cost of our service.

We do also provide a professional Manned DJ Service for an extra fee, with taking requests and mixing live songs so please let us know if you would like to discuss this further.



My event is very large / very small – should I hire a different band?


We offer a number of packages to suit your event. We offer various line ups in additional to the regular 4 piece band, from an Acoustic Duo to a 7 piece band with a saxophone, keys and a male vocalist. Our sound system can cater for up to three hundred people, beyond this number we can offer additional Audio and Lighting equipment for an additional fee.



What areas do you cover?


The band is based in London, but we constantly travel all over the World performing at national and international concerts.



Will the band provide their own equipment?


We will provide our own professional PA sound system and LED lighting rig suitable for an audience up to three hundred people. For larger events than this there will be an additional equipment hire charge. 

How much space does the band require?

Ideally we would need a minimum 5m x 4m for a 4 piece band, providing we have sufficient room to play our instruments properly. Ideally, the more space the better. Feel free to let us know your given stage space and we will do our best to adapt to play appropriately to the rooms size and acoustics.

How much power does the band require?


We do not provide any power generating equipment and require this to be provided at the event. We require access to minimum of x4 240v sockets within 5 meters of the stage area and we normally use the maximum of 5 kW of power.



There is a noise limiter at my event. What should I do?

This isn’t necessarily a problem provided we are told what the limiter is set to as we have played at events with noise limiters before. Below 90 dB can be problematic and above 100 dB is ideal. If you are not sure whether there is a noise limiter at the event, we recommend that you check with the venue. 



How long do you need to set up?


Typically, we need 90 minutes to load in, set up and sound check (assuming that we are bringing our own sound equipment and the performance space is near the load in area). If need be, we can reduce this time but we do emphasise that 90 minutes is ideal as we can sort out any issues that may arise in good time and provide you with the best possible experience.


It’s best if we can set up and soundcheck at a time when there is minimal chance of clashing with dinners and / or speeches / moments of preferred quiet etc.



Can we use the band's PA and microphone(s) for speeches and announcements?


Yes of course, provided you let us know in advance and speeches are taking place during the agreed time the band is on site.



Do you require a deposit?


Yes, we take 25% of the agreed fee as a holding deposit once the contract has been signed. Terms and Conditions apply. 



Do I need to provide food for the band?


Travelling, setting up and performing requires a lot of energy, especially as we may have travelled a long way to play at your event and may not have had time to stop for food. In addition, the band may be on site for several hours before performing. We kindly ask that you provide each band member with a hot meal and soft drinks sufficient for our time on site.



What time will the band arrive and perform until?


Normally we will arrive at 5pm and perform until Midnight. However we will happily perform into the early hours for an additional fee subject to the event location and return journey, arrival and finish time.



If our event runs behind, will the band stay later?


We understand that you will likely things can sometimes run behind schedule. If this happens we will do our very best to accommodate your preferences but an additional fee may apply depending on location and circumstances. Please feel free to check with us. 

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